Privacy Policy

Data Protection Principles 

The Company “Digital Revolution” follows data protection principles contained therein:

  • Obtain and process information fairly
  • Keep it only for one or more specified, explicit and lawful purposes
  • Keep it safe and secure
  • Keep it accurate, complete and up to date
  • Ensure it is adequate and relevant but not excessive
  • Retain for no longer than is necessary

Storage of Sensitive Data

  • The Company’s sensitive data is labelled and handled as per section information handling of Asset Management and information classification Policy.
  • The Company’s sensitive data in physical form is stored in lock and key cabinets. 

Data Transfer 

  • Transmission of Company’s data is protected from leakage or misuse.
  • Company does not disclose an individual’s personal data outside office except:
    • When Company has express consent to do so, or in circumstances as agreed between Company and an individual.
    • When necessary, to our regulatory bodies and auditors
    • When Company is required or permitted to do so by law

Sensitive Data 

Protection of sensitive organization data which consists of information relating to but not limited to:

  • R&D
  • Vendor contracts and agreements
  • Annual sales figures, monthly Supply chain plan
  • Data Privacy of Employees personal Data, Customer Personal Data, Client Personal Data

Privacy and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

  • Strong implementation of privacy safeguards and consistent enforcement of information security controls is ensured to address privacy and personal data protection
  • Only selected authorized personnels have access to information: – employee personal data. The security controls addresses
    • Mechanisms for ensuring that information is obtained and processed fairly, lawfully and properly.
    • Ensuring that information is accurate, complete and up-to-date, adequate and relevant.
    • Appropriate clearing and deletion of information.
  • Personal records are maintained and stored securely

Guidelines for Data Privacy

  • Access to the sensitive data are provided strictly on the basis of need to know.
  • Controls are implemented to prevent employees and third party staff for accessing the Personal Identifiable information for unauthorized purposes.
  • Personal records are maintained and stored securely and users of the personal records will be liable to ensure the secure storage, retention and disposal of the information. Personal records shall be maintained and stored securely.
  • Backup on a removable storage media are kept in safe and secure environment
  • Appropriate disciplinary actions are taken in case of breach of privacy and protection of Company’s data or Personally identifiable information 

Policy for website visitors

Type of information (set of data we collect and we don’t collect).

  • Data we collect your name, email address, date of birth, age, device, device id, contact details, gender, location, pin code, area code, occupation.
  • Data we don’t collect such as passwords, bank account details, credit card details, debit card details, secure PIN, banking passwords, physical, physiological and mental health condition, sexual orientation, medical records and history, biometric information, national identification numbers, and such other sensitive personal data or information.

How we use the collected data for users, company & third-party (if any) benefits.

  • For users, we aggregate users to provide better user experience, curated content, premium services, and new release/updates.
  •  For clients & company, we used the data to gather insights and user data dynamics analytics, reporting and devising go to market strategy,